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Folsom Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning, Probate, and Estate Litigation Services
in Folsom, California

Our office provides clients in Folsom with estate planning, probate, and trust and estate litigation services. We pride ourselves on providing custom estate planning services to suit each individual client's needs. We do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. By working with us, you will be provided exceptional service to ensure your wishes are met and assets protected from unnecessary probate fees and taxes.

The Services We Provide

Our office provides residents of Folsom, California with exceptional estate planning services tailored to suit their individual needs. We do not sell one-size-fits-all trust packages or try to upsell clients. Rather, we prefer to provide information to clients regarding their estate and how to best protect their families and assets. Estate Planning services provided to our clients can include:

By establishing a Living Trust, you can protect your assets from estate taxes and avoid the cost, duration, and public nature of probate. A Living Trusts will allow you to manage your trust assets during your lifetime. Establishing a Living Trust allows you the flexibility to control your assets as you wish and leave your assets to your loved ones upon your passing.

By establishing a Last Will and Testament, you can manage your assets as an individual and leave your property to loved ones upon your passing. Our office will work with you to ensure that your wishes are met.

A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to select an agent to act on your behalf regarding your finances if you become incapacitated. Without a Durable Power of Attorney, your family may be left to file for a Conservatorship if you become incapacitated. Establishing a Durable Power of Attorney eliminates the costs and hassle of filing for a Conservatorship. We will work with you to ensure your selected agents have the authority to take care of your finances in the event of your incapacity. 

An Advance Health Care Directive allows you to nominate a trusted individual to make medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Upon your incapacity, your agent will have the authority to act in your best interest with regard to your medical treatment and end-of-life wishes. We have years of experience working with clients and drafting Advance Health Care Directives to ensure you are fully protected in the event of incapacity. 

Our office has over eighteen years of experience assisting the families and loved ones of decedents to probate their estates. Whether probate is necessary due to an individual having a Will or no estate plan at all, we make the probate process as painless and seamless as possible.

What Makes The Law Office of Thomas D. Reid Different?

Many estate planning, probate, and trust administration law firms provide clients with the necessary services to protect their clients.  However, we strive to provide estate services to clients exceeding our clients' expectations. At The Law Office of Thomas D. Reid, we work hard not only to provide clients with peace of mind that their estate is well protected, but also to provide personalized services to accommodate clients' busy lives.

Estate Planning and Litigation Experience

As we practice litigation in the field of Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration, we are able to identify issues that often lead parties down the path of litigation. Utilizing this background, we are able to better close loopholes and prevent issues that may arise down the road. While working with us, you will receive personalized attention to your Estate Planning, Probate, and Estate Administration matters.

Personalized Approach

We understand that no two clients are exactly the same.  We meet with all clients to determine the unique issues they face. Many law offices utilize paralegals and other support staff to contact clients and work on client matters. By working with us, you will work directly with an attorney.

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